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How I'd sort out this country ...

1 I'd slash public spending by ¤20bn in three years. There are 1,000 quangos, which cost ¤6bn a year. I'd close every single one of them next Tuesday, starting with FAS, which costs ¤1bn a year. Unemployment would rise, but most of them are useless anyway, but they all would have to get jobs somewhere else.

2I'd reduce taxation, and bring everyone into the tax net. Nothing is going to work here, except with reduced taxation. I don't care if you don't reduce taxation on the rich. Reduce taxation on the middle and lower classes, but everyone gets pulled into the tax net. Even if you are on the dole, you pay tax at 10pc. And if you don't like it, leave. Or get a job.

3I'd sell off every public asset there is and use the money to pay down debt, have a complete sell- off of the semi-State sector, everything; ESB, Aer Lingus. I'd start with RTE. It should be privatised tomorrow.

This notion of public sector broadcasting is horsesh*t. Looks who sits on the RTE authority, it is run by SIPTU and ICTU, politicians, employers. Right wing sensible people who actually create jobs should be on RTE.

4I'd cut the Dail to two members a county, 58 members counting Dublin, Fingal, West Dublin and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown. And abolish the Senate.

5I'd bring an end to the public sector pension scams. Enda Kenny should just go on TV and say, 'it is over, starting on Monday we are all going into defined contribution and pay for it yourselves, like everyone does in the private sector'.