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How could Grainne spew such a load of simplistic, crass, errant nonsense?

YOU think you've seen it all when the millionaire gardener Diarmuid Gavin tells the millionaire TV host Ryan Tubridy that he wishes we would just pull up our socks as a nation, be positive and "get on with it".

And then along comes Grainne Seoige.

Grainne believes we could learn a thing or two from her friends over at ITV's Daybreak.

"We whinge a lot over here," she complained to a Sunday newspaper.

"A lot. 'Oh poor me, isn't this awful, the Government should be doing something about this, someone should be looking after this for me so I don't have to take responsibility for it myself.' Over there, they just get up and get on with it."


This, you figured and hoped, might have been a misquote but she continued: "Nobody comes in [to Daybreak] saying 'Oh, it's awful'. Because nobody's whinge is more important than anyone else's. And we're all there, and we all have to go on at 6am smiling."

Which is about as good a definition of hell as you will hear all week. But then Grainne very specifically offers an example of Irish tardiness. "You have to ask yourself," she asked herself. "Why is there no breakfast television on RTE?"

It is, to be brutally honest, a question I have never asked myself but one which Grainne also unfortunately answered: "Because people don't want to work."

I'm not sure how Grainne's colleagues in RTE felt when they read that but I'm pretty sure some found it distasteful in the extreme.

It is unfathomable how a woman from a fairly humble background in rural Connemara could be so sequestered from reality to come out with such crass, errant nonsense.

Can she really think it is that simple?

There are nearly 500,000 people on the live register.

There are people willing to stack supermarket shelves for 40 hours a week for €50 a week under the JobBridge scheme.

Thousands would kill to work in RTE.

Grainne of course not only works for a monopoly, which is enough to skew anyone's world view.

She works for a monopoly within a monopoly.

Her agent Noel Kelly (above) also represents Ryan Tubridy (and Diarmuid Gavin), Claire Byrne, Dave Fanning, Craig Doyle and pretty much any high-profile TV presenter on RTE and TV3 you can name.

His clients don't just dominate the listings, they are the listings.

With that kind of muscle and bargaining power behind you, things must appear very uncomplicated. Get a tough agent with unprecedented power within RTE, work hard and set the alarm for 4am.


And Noel Kelly has certainly got on with "it" on behalf of Grainne.

"This year, I have People Of The Year, Up For The Match, Crimecall," she recalled yesterday, like a child going through her Christmas presents, "a sports quiz gameshow, a documentary series and whatever else comes along and that's only in this country."

So, maybe, people do want to work but all the jobs have been taken by Grainne and Noel's other clients.

The ones that keep telling us to cheer up and get on with it.

Because after all, nobody's whinge is more important than anyone else's.