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Hotel hikes its prices for Croker gig ... it's a script that's sadly predictable


The Script

The Script

The Script

A hotel on Dublin's northside, the Charleville Lodge, has advertised a campaign on its Facebook page, offering guests 50pc off their room bill if they turn up with their Water Charges Application Form made into the shape of a paper airplane.

You might think that it's a harmless bit of publicity for a socially-aware establishment, concerned about the difficulty that its customers have in making ends meet, and doing its bit to help wherever it can. Then again, you might not.

Consider, first of all, the offer itself. Whether they like it or not the hotel is encouraging people to break the law. Having got the desired publicity out of the offer, it is not the hotel that the courts will ultimately come chasing for money, it's the guest themselves.

Just as interestingly, the Charleville Lodge seems like it's not averse to wringing every last cent it can out of the public when it suits their own requirements.


A double room this summer is currently priced at €118 online, except on the night of Saturday June 20, when the price curiously shoots up to €227. How could this be?

Well, just like every hotel within a five-mile radius of Croke Park, it celebrates the announcement of an upcoming concert there by doubling its prices.

With The Script playing Croker that night they know that the average punter will have no choice but to fork out for a room as the gigs don't finish much before 11pm.

With news of two Bruce Springsteen concerts in the same venue this summer, the Charleville Lodge is no doubt licking its lips at the chance to fleece the ordinary people of Ireland, about whom it cares so much, once again.

Just like so many hotels in Dublin city centre, its message is quite clear. It's not ok to rip off the public, unless of course its them doing the ripping-off.