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Horrified by vision of McGuinness as president

It's been a very strange week for democracy. First we had the rump of the smouldering wreck that is Fianna Fail disgracing themselves even further by deciding that they wouldn't allow their TDs --a rare breed who may need a preservation order slapped on them if things keep going the way they are -- to back any prospective candidate for the presidency.

Weren't these the same people who always stressed how important it was to get out and vote, that our forefathers had fought and died for that right etc? And now they're in their bunker pretending all is well with the world as Sinn Fein/IRA close in on their voters like the Red Army exerting a vice-like grip on Berlin. Downfall springs to mind.

And then there's the entry of Sinn Fein/IRA's Martin McGuinness into the race for the Aras. While I'm in no doubt that there are people in this country stupid and/or cynical enough to ignore the murder and misery instigated by this man and his comrades over the past 40 years, the prospect of having a convicted terrorist from a foreign country sitting in the Phoenix Park is horrific to contemplate.


What's worse is how he's continually weasling out of questions put to him about his role in the Provos' reign of terror during which, lest we forget, McGuinness and his cronies refused to recognise this state, its army and police force.

Gay Byrne was spot-on in his TV3 interview during the week when he stated that McGuinness and his Sinn Fein/IRA fellow traveller Gerry Adams were habitual and well-practised liars. Adams would have us believe that he was never in the IRA while McGuinness claims to have left the IRA in the wake of Bloody Sunday when half the Catholics in the North were queuing up to join the bastards.

His assertion when doorstepped by a Newstalk reporter that no, he didn't kill anyone nor was he indirectly involved in killing anyone must be viewed in this light.

So, the second in command of the IRA in Derry in 1972 wasn't even indirectly involved in having anyone killed? Oh, and David Norris is straight.