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Hoping for a safe and fun few days off

IT'S always been the traditional weekend for going away, the last bank holiday of the summer, and thousands this year will carry on that tradition by packing up and heading off -- many more choosing stay-at-home holidays over jetting abroad now, as wallets continue to feel the pinch.

And, let's face it, there's great value to be had around this island at the moment.

A few hours' worth of petrol on a road trip in any direction will lead you to some of the best hotel deals in recent times and there are festivals galore in every corner of the nation.

Eating out is about as good you'll get as restaurants cater both to smaller budgets and our more sophisticated palates.

Here's hoping for a few rays to break through the clouds today and for the next few days so we can enjoy the best Ireland has to offer -- and that with more motorists on the road than ever, the long weekend remains unmarred by tragedy.

Drive carefully, and enjoy.