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Hooky, are you mad or what? Bigging up rival Ryan was just bizarre...

RYAN Tubridy says he will resign from his radio station gig if he loses any more listeners -- well at least that's according to George Hook.

Hook took it upon himself to announce to his followers that the 2fm broadcaster was going to pack it all in if his listenership dropped.

But what was the reason for this? Was he hoping to get one up for his own channel, Newstalk? Was he goading Tubridy and making sure the public knew he had put his neck on the line? Astonishingly, no -- the opposite, in fact. Hook goes on to say "Save the country and tune in every morning to the great man".

As a former broadcaster myself, I find this bizarre in the extreme, idiotic even.

I mean, "save the country"? Surely Newstalk, and certainly Hook's colleague, Tom Dunne, who broadcasts at the same time as Tubridy, would hardly appreciate such support for a rival presenter. Fact is, Ryan was misquoted. What he actually said was: "Of course, there's a point where I would have to seriously consider giving up the 2fm show. If the figures continued to drop, I would seriously consider everything. But I don't think it's going to be an issue that I'll have to go into the bosses and say I've dragged the show down too much. My philosophy is that we are going to come out and make it better."

So Hooky, don't tell us what to listen to and don't diss your own colleagues at Newstalk by telling people to tune in to 2fm. And if you're silly enough to do both, at the very least, get your quotes right. Otherwise you're doing no one any favours.