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Hollywood bigwigs broke the golden email rule...how were they so stupid?


Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie.

Have you heard about the Sony emails?

Well, some very important people in Hollywood, who run the Sony studios, are a little bit embarrassed because some emails they have been sending each other have been leaked.

And in those emails there are some very sensitive comments, like how Angelina Jolie is a brat, how women actors are not paid as much as men and how Michael Fassbender was not famous enough to play Steve Jobs.

An executive went on to say about the latter that he "makes you feel bad to have normal sized genitalia" - in reference to Fassbender's naked scenes in Shame.

These hacked emails have been thoroughly entertaining to read. And no doubt there will be a huge amount of grovelling on the part of Sony executives.


But what amazes me more than anything is that seemingly smart, well-paid professionals were thick enough to write these emails in the first place.

Are they so absorbed in their Hollywood lives that they forgot the most basic rule of all: never write anything down that you don't want someone to see?

I am no genius. But I know that if I write something down, whether it's in paper form or email, I can never take it back.

If it's in black and white, presume it's there forever.

We seem to think that communicating electronically erases the notion of that idea. We have a strange disconnect to the internet and the information it holds.

We trust it far too much and expect it to keep all our private information secret.

But just as humans like to gossip, the internet spews out the secrets it holds every once in a while.

Of course there are a lot darker things that go on in the virtual world than dodgy emails, but the Sony case is a warning - be careful what you write.