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Holly's a true press hound

HHolly Carpenter has revealed her canine arrangements following her break-up with Cian Healy, with whom she jointly owned a pug, Ted.

"I've got my own three dogs," revealed Holly. "Ted is Cian's dog. My dogs are all rescue dogs ... Molly is around 16 now ... I don't do anything without her."

All of which comes as a minor surprise, as Holly has been snapped no less than three times in the last two weeks, out on about on Dublin's 'Paparazzi Street' - South William Street - each time without a single dog by her side.

She may not do many things without her beloved Molly, but making sure she is snapped by the press looking fit and happy since her split is one of them...

IIt was nice to hear again from Henry Mountcharles, owner of Slane Castle, who has been battling cancer of late. His regular Slane Castle gigs have been one of Ireland's great events for many decades.

Despite his ill health, he has promised "some activity" at Slane next year, revealing that "despite the medical difficulties, I have not been inactive on the gig front.

In attracting the world's biggest bands, putting on concerts only when he can find an act which will do justice to his magnificent arena, and treating up to 80,000 people to an unforgettable day out, Mountcharles sounds like a rare breed of concert promoter.

A genuine music fan.