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Hit-and-run sentence fuels anger

AVIOLENT criminal who knocked down and fatally injured a young boy was jailed yesterday - for just 20 months.

The sentence handed down to syringe robber Ruadhan Tracey will anger a great many people.

Tracey was convicted of careless driving causing the death of 10-year-old Conor Hickey, and of failing to remain at the scene, in Cabra in 2011.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring's hands were tied in the matter. The maximum sentence for careless driving is two years, for leaving the scene of an accident just six months.

She was bound by legislation and also gave credit to Tracey for an early guilty plea and expressing remorse.

Nonetheless this verdict will be greeted with both disbelief and fury.

Not only did Tracey knock down Conor Hickey but, as Judge Ring put it: "he wasn't even man enough to stay or present himself."

A strong argument exists to change the laws on careless driving as a result of this case.