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He's no devil - Joe Schmidt's much smarter


Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt

II love Joe Schmidt. He is the antithesis of the other rugby coaches. You see these scary, angry, intimidating men in their glass cages during the matches and they would all give you the heebee jeebies. Then we have the calm, unassuming, but way more effective Schmidt. Just because he doesn't look like the Devil incarnate, doesn't mean he's not the best.

GGood on Dublin DJ Annie Mac for getting her new slot on BBC Radio 1. The Dundrum woman has been plugging away for years and now she is taking over from Zane Lowe. She's such a talented DJ and really deserves this new role.

WWhat's everyone complaining about The Late Late Show for? I thought it was brilliant. The audience were boisterous, the Valentine's Day material was fun and the games were hilarious. The energy level of the whole studio was up a notch or two from the usual. So what's not to like?