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Here's a top tip for your big day Sinead

RRTE star Sinead Kennedy is one of a myriad of TV presenters about to walk up the aisle, and has revealed that she is very "chilled" at the prospect of her impending nuptials, which will take place this autumn in Kerry.
 Describing how everything has gone swimmingly in her preparations, Sinead revealed that the all important dress fell into place very quickly. 
 "I went shopping with my mum, sister and another of my bridesmaids," she revealed, "and tried on a bit of everything, but the second dress I tried on was the one."
 I'm delighted that Sinead is so laid back, especially so when one considers a dress-related incident that occurred just over a year ago at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards. 
 On any other day, Sinead would have wowed the red carpet in her silver sequinned gown by Rachel Gilbert, except for one minor inconvenience. 
 Her fellow TV presenter, and namesake, Lucy Kennedy, had just turned up in an identical gown. Lucy revealed at the time that: "I took a picture with her because we were in stitches about it...it's a Kennedy thing."
 Fast forward a year and Sinead has revealed a very sanguine attitude to any potential problems on her big day. "Whatever happens on the day, happens," mused Sinead. "You can only plan a certain amount."
 All of which is true, though there is one element of the day on which she might want to cover - tell Lucy not to wear the same dress.