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Headbangers have Joan caught between a rocker and a strongly-worded petition

Who knew that heavy metal fans were so sensitive?

Like a scene from Mean Girls, they're out to get Tanaiste Joan Burton over remarks she made about the Garth Brooks debacle.

She recently said that fans of the singer weren't like Metallica fans, who "would be causing problems for the neighbours".

Metal music lovers have now started a petition to get Burton to apologise for making what they're calling "disparaging and clueless" remarks about fans of the music genre.

A petition? How rock 'n' roll is that? Sorry, how metal is that?

While I think Joan was wrong - many would agree that Garth Brooks was far more likely to drive them to violence than Metallica and we all know there's often something stronger than tea imbibed at his gigs - I do think the headbangers and trashers have shown a touchy-feely side that I always assumed was meant to be covered up.


You're talking about fans who often make the 'corna' hand-signal, formed by a fist with the pinkie and index fingers extended, known variously as the 'devil's horns', or the 'metal fist'.

Perhaps their irony metre isn't calibrated? Organising a petition just doesn't seem like something a person who headbangs would do.

These are music lovers who are the very opposite of those gullible enough to buy into the emotional blackmail "I love Ireland and I have you in my heart" nonsense that Brooks blubbed.

I wonder what music Joan likes herself? I wonder if she ever downloaded songs? Perhaps she remembers that it was Metallica's Lars that was responsible for shutting down Napster, killing the free downloads scene?

Metal power indeed.