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Have they no homes to go to, Danny?

The Healy-Raes were at it again this week, though this time rather than advocating that people should break the law, one of them was simply doing so himself.

Hot of the heels of TD Michael Healy-Rae's call to arms last week, when he suggested that he wouldn't object to property owners taking pot shots at burglars in order to issue summary justice, his councillor brother Danny has hit the headlines.

Danny, you may remember, had previously suggested that the drink-driving laws should be relaxed for people in his area, so that they would be allowed to drive after "two or three pints" to overcome the difficulty they have in getting home without taxis and public transport at their disposal.

He was in court last week, and fined €150, having been found guilty of allowing 30 or so people people to drink in his pub after hours - 2am to be precise - the second time that he has been convicted of such an offence. Danny's explanation for his pub being so crowded, an hour after the official drinking-up time had passed, was that they were celebrating a family birthday.

Regardless of his explanation, it does at least seem that Danny has found a solution to the long-standing problem of his constituents finding a way home after a night's drinking.

Don't ask them to go home at all...