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Have fun but take care on fright night

IT's the night of the year that hundreds of thousands of ghouls and demons roam the country's streets on their annual trick or treat quest.

It will be a fun-filled night and there'll be plenty to do with local authorities laying on fireworks displays and Halloween parades.

The free screening of horror films in Dublin city centre last night is a wonderful example of this.

However, despite the safe options for families who want to take part in the festivities, there will also be the inevitable bonfires, bangers and rockets.

Not only are these activities illegal, they're also highly dangerous.

We all know the horror stories of children who lose fingers messing with bangers they should never have been able to get.

And every year there are reports of attacks on essential emergency services personnel - our firemen, paramedics and gardai.

Everyone should enjoy the atmosphere on the spookiest night of the year, but it's also our responsibility to ensure it passes off peacefully.