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Harry's the guest that just keeps giving

HHarry Styles has an incredible ability to befriend anyone famous on the planet. He must be the most charming, sociable, witty young man out there. His new pals are, it seems, the children of supermodel Cindy Crawford and he recently spent a couple of days chilling with them. I can sometimes barely gather the confidence to visit someone I've known for 10 years. But Harry's the guest that keeps on giving.

II went to see the comedian Neil Delamare (right) deliver a stand up performance - on history. Snoozefest, you might think? Nope. It was brilliant. It's part of a new television series in which Neil looks at some of our most famous historical figures. If the rest of the series is as good as his stand up, we are in for a real treat.

MMargaret Loughrey is definitely the hero of 2014. The Strabane woman won €34m in the Euromillions lottery and is giving away €33m of this. Her attitude is "how can I miss what I never had". Personally I'd be holding on to a little bit more myself. Surely she'd need a bit more for a new pad, holidays, treats, car, clothes, treats, money for all the family and friends? But that's why I will never be the hero of 2014, and Margaret is.