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Hang on, so Jonathan is still an actor?


Jonathan Rhys Myers and Mara Lane.

Jonathan Rhys Myers and Mara Lane.

Jonathan Rhys Myers and Mara Lane.

* Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in the headlines again and, as usual, it's got nothing to do with his artistic oeuvre.

Because Jonathan, whose only recent claims to fame have been as a hell-raiser, air-rager and star of a ridiculous ad for men's aftershave, is the subject of a remarkable news this week. It's emerged that "the 37-year-old actor has got engaged to his girlfriend of less than a year, Mara Lane". This comes as a huge shock. I mean, can you believe it, some people still refer to Jonathan as an actor?

* A YEAR ago, despite his insufferable smugness, I congratulated Mark Little on the success of his web venture Storyful, which he had just sold for €18m. And so endeth the story, I believed.

This week, however, Little was back in the news, as he is stepping down as the company's CEO to become the 'Head of Editorial Innovation'. He's declared himself thrilled to be "building the most innovative company on a rapidly changing media landscape," and is hoping to "shape the company's thought-leadership in the news industry."

So to his existing list of traits Mark has now added the spouting of self-congratulatory, mid-Atlantic, corporate psycho-babble. I thought he couldn't be more annoying. I was wrong.