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Hands up if you support armpits drive

gArmpits4August is underway. It's sort of like Movember - a month long charity event which sees women grow underarm hair to raise money for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. There's also the added value of making us question what's so ugly about letting your armpit hair grow? Remember how we asked that after Julia Roberts was snapped with such hair a few years back? I guess the hair removal industry is just like the beauty industry. It make millions selling us things to solve made-up problems with our bodies.

kWhat went through the mind of the Indian fashion photographer who this week depicted a woman on a bus, posing being groped by a gang of men? Clearly it's reminiscent of the gang rape of a woman on a bus in Delhi in 2012. The photographer claims he wanted to throw light on the subject of rape. But staging poses of men holding down a woman is not art. It's distressing and disgusting. 

aI'm troubled by the amount of abuse that Baroness Warsi got after she resigned from government in the UK on a matter of principle over its Gaza policy. Whether or not you agree with her, at least she had the guts to stand by her principles. And principles in politics are like hen's teeth: rare, if not non-existent.