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Gun gangs must be stopped

IT is a shocking and shameful state of affairs that an innocent 16-year- old boy has become the latest victim of gun crime on the streets of Dublin.

He suffered wounds to his back, head and ear in the attack outside a house at Lismore Road in Crumlin last night, and is being treated in hospital today.

This young victim is the second 16-year-old to be shot on our streets this year.

Another innocent victim, Melanie McCarthy-McNamara, was shot dead in an unrelated drive-by attack in Tallaght in February.

What is happening on our streets when such ruthless gun crime is being allowed to escalate to this point?

Who will be the next victim?

Only two weeks ago, Declan O'Reilly was gunned down in front of his young son on the South Circular Road in the city.

The situation is grave. The perpetrators of these attacks must be brought to justice.