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Gun crime needs to be tackled

Our hearts go out to the family of innocent victim Keith Walker who died in a botched gangland hit.

His sons have been left without a dad as a result of this shocking crime.

Mr Walker was newly-wed, having recently married his teenage sweetheart, and we can only imagine the heartbreak of his wife Lorraine as she is left to pick up the pieces.

Many people have real concerns about who will be next to die on city streets.

Gun violence in Dublin is a serious and escalating issue and must be tackled head-on by gardai.

However, most importantly, they need the resources to meet the challenges that lie ahead, as our society becomes ever more violent.

Mr Walker's life has been cut short. He was an upstanding family man who was gunned down, in a case of mistaken identity.

Nobody is safe when innocent citizens can become victims of such acts of gross violence. Action must be taken to prevent more deaths.