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Government cover-ups breed fear

WE have had obfuscation, muddying the water, and downright lies in the run-up to our request for an EU and IMF bailout.

Incredibly, we, the public, have been treated almost on a "need-to- know" basis. We're the ones who have to pay the price for the events and mistakes that have led us into this sorry financial mess. And yet our political leaders saw fit to keep us in the dark for as long as they could.

It seemed at times as if every scrap of information has had to be prised from the Government. The result of this has been a complete collapse in our willingness to accept almost anything that is told to us.

If the intention was to calm the international markets, then that too has failed.

The simple remedy for fear is information, and clarity. We are entitled to accept nothing less from those we elect to govern us.