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Got egg all over your face? Blame Twitter

Having said no to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, it seems author Marion Keyes (left) has decided to advocate it on the basis of geography.

Tweeting about those who dared to vote 'No' in Friday's referendum, she said: "I'll give you a tip! Move to Roscommon/ South Leitrim and pal around with your own kind."

Marion, in fairness, quickly apologised for the message, and Roscommon TD Luke Flanagan (inset), whose constituency of course is the only one to have voted no, offered his support.

"Guilty of tweeting sh**e from time 2 time myself. Twitter's immediacy can do that."

Good to see that Luke has once again displayed the innate politician's ability to blame something else for someone's actions. Because, of course, it's all Twitter's fault.