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God loves a trier - and luckily for Baz telly audiences love one even more

I attended the Edinburgh Television Festival last week. It was two days of listening to those who run TV in the UK, telling us how they do it and why.

Some talks were fantastic, some were boring.

But I was very interested in attending a talk called Sizzles that Sold the Show. A sizzle is a two-minute tape that programme makers send into commissioning editors, to sell the idea of their show.

During the talk the best sizzler, without a doubt, was a recording of a guy talking into the camera, with an older woman just sitting in the background.

This guy told us about the adventures he had got up to during his life, and now how he would like to do them with his mother - even though it might kill her.

The audience at the talk absolutely loved this tape, judging by the roars of laughter.

It was Baz Ashmawy and the series is 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy.

Baz has had his fair share of ups and downs during his television career. We loved him in 'How Low Can You Go'. We didn't love him so much in Fáilte Towers.

And we, or certainly I, didn't love him at all on radio with Lucy Kennedy.

But this is a brilliant idea - that has turned into a brilliant show. The reviews are great and Sky think he is the best thing since Karl Pilkington.

The beauty of television is that you can have a hit, followed by a flop, followed by a hit again.

The real challenge is to get the confidence to keep on trying.

I love that Baz kept on knocking on doors, that he looked outside Ireland and that he now has a hit on his hands.

He was the talk of Edinburgh Television Festival and he deserves this moment. God loves a trier, but television loves one even more.