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God better be out when Fry arrives


Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

WWow, wow, wow. Did you hear Stephen Fry's response to Gay Byrne on The Meaning of Life when he was asked what he would say to God when he got to the pearly gates? Well, I hope God isn't in that day, 'cos he's gonna get an earful! Fry said that he would tell him what an evil being he was because of all the horrendous things that he has allowed to happen on earth. I can't do the response justice - google it. It's pretty magnificent.

jCongratulations to Jack Reynor who won the special jury prize for acting at the Sundance Film Festival. I cannot wait to see his movie Glassland. I remember seeing Gerard Barrett's previous film Pilgrim Hill and found it so very moving. Barrett's new film sees Reynor's character taking care of his alcoholic mother, who is played by Toni Collette, and it sounds like a must see.

II didn't really rate Katy Perry before now. I thought she was grand. But after her Super Bowl appearance at half time, I am now such a fan. What a performance - dancing, singing, engaging with such a massive audience. She rocked!