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Glad to see you enjoyed your night Enda, but when's the referendum?


Enda Kenny in PantiBar.

Enda Kenny in PantiBar.

Enda Kenny in PantiBar.

So it turns out gay people vote too. At least that's the sort of conversation you imagine politician's advisers having.

Let's be honest. Every bean fest and hen fight that any politician from any party goes to is a potential vote getting event.

Who'll be there? And have they a vote? There are places to be seen, people to impress and votes to be secured. A good weekend in political terms is how many funerals you managed to get in.

A lot of events that Enda or Michael or Joan attend are all highly choreographed, reaching out to as many different types of people as possible.

It's to make sure that groups and communities believe that the politician or party is on their side and understand their pressures and challenges; that they're listening and have their best interests at heart.


In 2014, it should hardly be notable that a politician would go into a gay bar. Of course it is though, because here in Ireland no Taoiseach has ever been in a gay bar - that I'm aware of.

So when Enda Kenny turned up at PantiBar in Dublin this week for the LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender) Christmas drinks, the internet nearly convulsed with minute-by-minute tweets from those on the scene, accompanied by dozens of pictures.

There he was. With James Reilly and Jerry Buttimer.

There'll always be those saying it was cynical optics and an exercise in trying to exploit the hopes of gay people to have equal rights.

Was it a stunt? Should we be giving Enda a pat on the back for something that really isn't a big deal, at all?

After all the key question for many still remains unanswered: just when will Enda Kenny announce a date for a referendum on gay marriage?