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Gardai must reclaim the city's streets

HOW long before an innocent person is shot dead on the streets of Dublin? On the evidence of recent weeks, it would seem that day is edging ever closer.

Last Wednesday, an 18-year-old girl narrowly avoided being hit by a bullet as she travelled in a car close to St James's Hospital.

A completely innocent couple had been fired on by reckless local gangsters who mistook their vehicle for that of a rival.

The gravity of this incident cannot be overstated. That it occurred just two weeks after an innocent 16-year-old was shot as she stood outside a house on a residential street in Crumlin is even more worrying.

In both of these incidents, young people could have been killed, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The gardai must be given every resource to investigate the perpetrators. Otherwise we will soon be confronted with a major tragedy.