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Garda officer betrays their colleagues

JUSTICE Minister Frances Fitzgerald wants a full report into the Herald's exclusive story that a garda officer passed on sensitive information to dissident figures.

The culture of An Garda Siochana is changing and officers are quickly clamping down on rogue colleagues who are betraying the people and uniform they are entrusted to serve.

The revelations that an officer sent information regarding two arrested suspected terrorists to a senior IRA figure is horrifying and shocking.

Luckily, the communications were intercepted by MI5 who were monitoring the phone of the dissident and passed it onto the PSNI who in turn informed the gardai of what occurred.

Such actions cannot be allowed and thankfully, the officer at the centre of the security breach is no longer a serving member.

The gardai have a tough enough job to do without being betrayed by the people who work alongside them.