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Gangland killers must be caught

NINE men have been shot dead in one Dublin suburb in less than six years – and none of the killers have been caught.

The Herald today documents the bloody toll of gangland murders in the wider Lucan area since 2008.

It is deeply worrying that, despite the work put into each case on the part of gardai, not a single one of the killings has been solved.

This creates an impression that gangs can kill with impunity in our capital – something that is not true, as successful gun killing prosecutions have proved.

Unsolved gangland murders are not unique to the Lucan and Ronanstown garda districts, of course. There are outstanding gang killings on the books at a number of other areas.

The main reason for this is the huge difficulties faced by gardai investigating such crimes, from witness intimidation to an absence of forensic evidence.

Nonetheless justice must be done. These killers must be found.