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Gang-fight will hurt tourism

A BLOODY street fight in the centre of Dublin, highlighted by the Herald, will have shocked many. A gang of up to 15 people was involved in the fracas this week in which hurleys were used and which left the key tourist area blood--spattered.

It erupted in broad daylight between the GPO and a busy tourist office on Henry Street in full view of many horrified shoppers and visitors.

Such violent scenes are totally unacceptable at any time -- but in the run-up to the 1916 centenary it is critical that such behaviour is stamped out.

City fathers and tourist chiefs will be hoping for a major influx of visitors in 2016 -- and this incident was the very worst advertisement for Dublin.

The gardai, the city council and businesses must act urgently to ensure there is no repetition of these disgraceful scenes in the city's premier tourist area.