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Fox survived snipers at the Green


James Fox

James Fox

James Fox

James Fox was born in Gloucester Place in Dublin's north inner city in 1892.

On Easter Monday, having taken arms and ammunition to the St Stephen's Green garrison, he was charged with digging trenches to defend the Green.

A 16-year-old, also called James Fox, was shot dead by a sniper in a trench there that day.

Word filtered back to the older James Fox's girlfriend, Kathleen Walsh, that her boyfriend was dead.

For days she believed this, until it emerged that the older James Fox was alive.

James later fought at the College of Surgeons, holding out there until the surrender.

He was then arrested and sent first to Stafford Gaol and then to Frongoch interment camp.

He died in 1951 and is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Details submitted by Seamus Fox (son)