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Fox must be throwing one hell of a party

NNo doubt there were a lot of happy people at Fox News after it emerged that The Late Show's Jon Stewart is retiring. From later this year Stewart won't be around keep in check a news station that, for example, recently carried comments that parts of Birmingham were no-go zones for non-Muslims. If you haven't seen it, Outfoxed - a documentary on Fox - is worth watching. It explores the channel's motto: Fair and Balanced. Guess what? That's not so true.

kI SEE there was outrage this week when Hozier was referred to by some media outlets as British. Maybe they're doing a Daniel Day Lewis on it. The actor may live in Wicklow but was born and educated in Britain. Yet we often claim him as one of our own. In fact, we generally claim anyone with the loosest of lineage to Ireland as 'Irish' - think of all those American presidents and movie stars.

NHAVE you noticed that Green Coke - aka 'Coca-Cola Life' - is everywhere? It's lower in calories than the original but not as low cal as Diet Coke. I guess the idea is that it's lighter or healthier. Ironically, research shows that diet drinks are bought more by overweight people than slimmer people. Most of the healthy and slim people that you see in the ads for so called healthier foods wouldn't dream of eating or drinking them. Instead, they opt for a nutritious diet with plenty of exercise.