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TSo it's €1,000 for the new Iphone? Why is the Irish price €999 and the US price the equivalent of about €740? At that rate you'll need armed protection if you have one - and the airplane mode better bring you to a holiday destination. Maybe it's aimed at deep-pocketed Irish like Bono, who played with U2 at its launch. And is the fact that it looks a little different meant to make you feel better about the price you paid for it? I guess the iSheep will pay anything for something from Apple.

II see Janay Rice is now being asked to explain herself. A video has emerged showing her husband, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, punching her in the head in a casino lift, that knocked her into a handrail and caused her to lose consciousness. She has stayed with him and predictably people are judging her (was it for his money?) or wondering if the abuser is all that bad given that she didn't leave him. No one knows why she stayed and it's actually none of our business. It actually puts more pressure on someone living with domestic violence to make them explain themselves and tell them what to do. What they need, is someone to listen.

TThe live music website Bandsintown needs to go back to geography class. It's claiming Dublin is in the United Kingdom. Must be part of a back up plan if Scotland votes Yes.