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Family pain over murder is still so raw

THE murder of student Nicola Furlong represented every parent's nightmare. The 21-year-old Wexford woman was strangled by US musician Richard Hinds in a Tokyo Hotel in May 2012.

Nicola had been studying on an exchange programme from DCU at the time, and was killed by Hinds after he met her on a night out.

As the first anniversary of Hinds' conviction for murder approaches, Nicola's father has told of the ongoing pain his family feels, despite the passing of time.

Andrew Furlong has described how his family are "still walking around in a daze, thinking of her 24/7".

He also said: "When she was alive, you knew that she was going to come home. You knew that she'd be here."

The murder shocked the country and had a resonance for many parents whose children are abroad.

A couple of years on, its impact has not lessened.