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Families key to Dail debate on abortion

any debate on abortion is bound to be highly charged - but none more so when discussing tragic cases where there is no chance of survival.

The Dail yesterday considered a new bill on allowing terminations when a baby was incompatible with life. Amid the clamour of "unconstitutionality" concerns in the Dail yesterday, People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett brought a human touch to the debate.

He spoke so movingly about his daughter Ella, who he had to bury 13 years ago. She was born with fatal foetal abnormalities.

In an emotional speech, heartbroken Mr Barrett put into words what many politicians have struggled to grasp.

The reality is that there are mothers and fathers at the heart of these tragic circumstances who need to be central to the discussion.

There are so many families who have been left in limbo at the most difficult time of their lives.

We must consider them first.