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Explicit content? At least Kim's one WAG that I'll pay attention to


Kim Sears

Kim Sears

Kim Sears

If you were a WAG, which one would you be? Which wife or girlfriend of a famous sports star?

Would you be the quiet and unassuming one? Or would you be loud, passionate and holler anytime they played well.

There's the golfing wags, who turn up looking like Stepford wives, ready to run with a child in their arms onto the 18th hole when hubby wins the tournament.

There's the soccer wags, who sit in the stands looking a million dollars as they cheer on their lads. All the while we presume that they all hate each other and none of them know the offside rule.

The tennis WAG is the personification of middle-class entitlement. We like to think that these women simply tour the world with their boyfriends or husbands, sit in the fancy box and count the dollars as they make their way to the next round.


But last week, we saw a wag who broke the rules. Kim Sears, fiancee of Andy Murray, showed the world the she felt as passionate about tennis as he did.

She screamed and roared as he progressed through the Australian Open. What she didn't know was that lip-readers were about to analyse exactly what she was saying.

What came out of her mouth wasn't gentle. Apparently it was "f------ have that you flashy Czech". Or something like it.

I love that she used such colourful language. Many would have died with mortification afterwards but not Kim.

At the next match she wore a t-shirt that read: "Parental Advisory. Explicit Content."

Funny and clever. I like it. Yep, I would be a wag like Kim Sears, happy to drop an f-bomb when my partner was playing well.

I wonder what was coming out of her mouth after the subsequent final Murray lost?

Probably too x-rated to print.