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Expensive coffee isn't my cup of tea

A UK-based company is planning to roll out 320 jobs over the next five years with a chain of coffee stores called Cafe Nero. In announcing that its new cafe on Merrion Row is going to be the first of many, two questions must be asked.

First, exactly how much coffee can one city drink? Within 100 yards of the Merrion Row shop, there are no less than six other outlets all selling the same expensive products.

Second, did I say "expensive"? Well, Cafe Nero's Coconut Frappe Mocha is an eye-watering €4.80.

Dress it up whatever way you wish, but that's nearly a fiver for a 'fancy' coffee.

And how do they justify charging this amount? Well, it's not just a coffee, you see. It's, and I quote, a "hand-crafted, slow-roasted, artisan, full-bodied Italian coffee" with a few coconut bells and iced whistles.


Absurd prices for basic commodities, and a property market that everyone wants to get into because it's guaranteed to make you rich.

Yep, the Celtic Tiger is back.