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Enda facing angry revolt over claims

ENDA Kenny is facing into a battle for his own leadership ahead of the vote for the controversial Seanad seat.

Several dozen Fine Gael TDs and Senators are reportedly planning a revolt and to vote against John McNulty, the Taoiseach's candidate in the Seanad by-election next month.

If there was mutiny, it would undermine Kenny's authority and ultimately his authority within the Fine Gael party.

Many are already calling the by-election on October 10 a "referendum" on his leadership.

The proposed reactionary move by several party faithful to the vote comes as Senator Shane Ross urged the Taoiseach to instruct TDs to vote against McNulty.

An embarrassing step down for the Taoiseach may not save face but it would save his credibility as the row intensifies.

The Taoiseach can't continue to shift the blame and must act now to nip this rebellion in the bud to prove that the Fine Gael leader is not involved in stroke politics.