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Editorial: Work to win our trust on crime fight

THE findings of our Herald poll into opinions on crime and policing in this city will be of deep concern to many and will serve to underline the experiences of many more.

Our wide-ranging poll of the capital found that one in five young people had been a victim of crime in the last two years alone. And almost one in six of the adult population had been a victim.

Gardai would appear to have the confidence of almost two thirds of Dubliners when it comes to dealing with 'ordinary' crime.

But the situation is markedly different when it comes to gangland crime with less than half (46pc) admitting to having any confidence in the gardai's ability to deal with the situation.

With a rash of brutal stabbings in the past week and gangland crime continuing to blight the broader cityscape, it is clear that new Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has his work cut out for him if he is to regain the trust of the citizens in our forces of law and order.