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Editorial: Why O'Reilly has done us all a service

It's about time that somebody called the Health Service Executive to account on its culture of excessive secrecy. That is why Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly has done us all a service by standing up and telling it as she sees it -- that there is something rotten within its system.

A significant number of complaints from the public regarding the HSE are being dealt with by the ombudsman's office.

It shows an arrogance on the part of the HSE to put blocks in the way of people accessing information.

The HSE claims that it tries to be as transparent as possible in all areas, but this is simply not borne out by the statistics.

The culture of excessive secrecy is presided over from the top by Health Minister Mary Harney and HSE chief Brendan Drumm, and they must act to address this problem immediately.