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Editorial: Why is Enda taking a back seat?

As the Dail begins its two-day debate on the Moriarty Report, the question many are asking is why Taoiseach Enda Kenny has opted to have Pat Rabbitte in the driving seat when it comes to asking the pertinent questions.

Taking a back seat over an issue that has been the subject of a 14-year investigation just three weeks after taking office sends the wrong message to voters.

Yes, he's a busy man and there are many more pressing issues facing the country. But a perceived reluctance on the Taoiseach's part to come out strongly on the matter will only serve to drag out the debate.

Voters want a clear sign that he will step up to plate on any contentious issues. We want to know that he understands what needs to be said about the Moriarty report.

Kenny has to show that he understands the public's anger over low standards among those who need to be above reproach.