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Editorial: Who will benefit from a new political party?


Catherine Murphy

Catherine Murphy

Catherine Murphy

ANOTHER week, another political party in the works on the Opposition benches.

Following on from the launch of Renua Ireland and reports of a Shane Ross-driven alliance it now emerges that another band of politicians are

planning to form a new party.

In this instance the prime movers are TDs Catherine Murphy, Roisin Shortall and Stephen Donnelly, who are reportedly in talks to form a centre-left group influenced by a ‘Nordic’ style of politics.

With less than a year to go, at most, to a general election they clearly feel that their interests would be better served together, rather than

separately. If this party comes to pass voters will be offered a wide range of Opposition options on voting day, from the hard left to the centre right, and every variation in between.

While Independents have proved an attractive option in recent times one wonders if any one of these parties can attract a sizeable vote? And

could this be good news for the Coalition?


E Coli fears at beaches

AS soon as the summer sun comes to Dublin, Dubliners head to the beach.

But what exactly are they swimming in?

Those who took to the water at White Rock Beach in Killiney this week now know, and it’s not pretty – the water there showed a high level of E Coli when sampled last Monday.

Such a find is worrying, as infection with this bacteria can cause gastroenteritis and other ailments. People and animals can be affected.

The discovery of E Coli this week is also of concern because it is so early in the summer season.

The summer of 2014 witnessed a number of such warnings at beaches in the Dublin area last year.

We’ve two questions: what is causing such contamination, and is it safe to swim in the waters of Dublin Bay today?