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Editorial: We need a 'Megan's Law' - now

IT is a matter of grave concern that members of the public in Ireland are not freely given any information about the whereabouts of registered sex offenders.

It is time that Justice Minister Dermot Ahern and members of the Government took note of this concern. We are now lagging well behind other jurisdictions in how we approach this thorny matter.

What we need here is the equivalent of a "Megan's Law" which was introduced in California 15 years ago. That law provides the public with certain information on the whereabouts of sex offenders so that members of local communities can protect themselves and their children.

Concerned citizens can even log on to a website and find out information on the people required to register as sex offenders.

This is the sort of information that should be in the public domain here too. It beggars belief that it is withheld from us.