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Editorial: We deserve every detail on IMF visit

WE are a resilient people with a proven strength for working through dark clouds to find the silver lining. As a nation we can overcome any obstacle eventually -- but it helps to have the whole story, warts and all, so we know what we are dealing with.

The Government has been fobbing us off for months with bland statements about everything being on track and the best decisions being made in Ireland's financial interest.

This is patronising gibberish.

How can we trust people whose initial warning about €3bn in Budgetary cuts escalated over a matter of weeks to the current €6bn figure -- and now we have the IMF on our doorstep?

The Government should stop treating us like idiots who cannot absorb complexity.

Stop feeding us bad news drip by drip. Tell us the full, unvarnished truth and let us put our collective creativity together to find the best way out of this mess.