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Editorial: We all stand by Lenihan in his battle

FINANCE Minister Brian Lenihan will have the support and good wishes of the public as he faces into his cancer battle in the year ahead.

Mr Lenihan will stay at the helm in the Department of Finance, but will cut back on public appearances and some duties will be reassigned.

He has said that he is looking forward to a "full and vigorous" year ahead. Much still needs to be done to maintain the revival of the economy. It was reassuring to hear that he is keen to continue his work.

The extent of the problems still facing the economy will be revealed tomorrow when official tax figures for last year are published. The Exchequer figures are expected to show the tax take has been on target in recent months, boosting hopes for stability this year.

Controversy continues to swirl about the way the news of Mr Lenihan's illness was revealed, but we all wish him well in the coming months.