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Editorial: Water crisis adds to cost of big freeze

Is there no end to the misery, as tens of thousands of householders all over the country are now left without a drop to drink from the household taps?

For weeks we were surrounded by frozen water, but now, when we need it, there is none.

Running water is a basic necessity, and the shortage is hitting people hard, including those who are carers in the home and people with babies who have to make up bottles.

Shops in the affected areas may be doing a roaring trade when it comes to selling bottled water, but the situation is a huge worry for businesses who rely on water.

The councils must do everything in their power to restore supplies quickly and to get information out to the public. Households cannot be left without water indefinitely.

Add this latest crisis to the damage to roads, property and business balance sheets following the freeze, and the cold spell has been costly in more ways than one for us all.