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Editorial: Voters will finally now get their say

FINALLY after an extraordinary week in Irish politics we seem to have reached the endgame. The week started with a leadership 'heave' in Fianna Fail and ended with Brian Cowen resigning as leader of Fianna Fail and the Greens pulling out of government.

A Fianna Fail leadership contest is now under way and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan was meeting his opposition counterparts today to flesh out the details of passing the Finance Bill.

After days of uncertainty, growing instability and international embarrassment at a seeming inability to get anything right, the electorate are to have their say.

With 450,000 out of work and our population haemorrhaging at the rate of 1,000 emigrants a week, we need urgent action to get Ireland back on track.

At last, citizens will get what they wanted. Roll on the general election -- as quickly as possible.