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Editorial: TV3 treated Lenihan and family badly

ANGER is mounting at TV3's decision to reveal Brian Lenihan's cancer diagnosis on St Stephen's Day. There is no doubt that news of Mr Lenihan's cancer diagnosis would have surfaced in the New Year. After all, it appears that Mr Lenihan had always intended to make a statement in early January about the condition of his health.

If reports are correct, he only learned of his diagnosis just days before Christmas. The Lenihan family made no public announcement about the diagnosis.

TV3's shocking broadcast meant the Lenihan family were robbed of valuable time and privacy. TV3 News said they gave the minister 48 hours on Christmas Eve to inform his friends and family.

Not surprisingly, anger has grown further since this emerged. There is no doubt that this story is important, but the timing of the broadcast is something TV3 will find themselves questioned over again and again in the future.