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Editorial: Tragedy of the Gaza aid ship carnage

IT was, by all accounts, something that started as a lot of well-meaning people attempting to bring aid to what many would see as one of the world's most poverty stricken-zones, Gaza.

But, while details remain scant, grave political concern is being expressed about how the aid ship to Gaza was boarded by Israeli commandos, intent on maintaining their strict and highly controversial blockade of this tiny stretch of coastline.

The Israelis say they were met with resistance and responded with 'non-lethal methods' to disperse the opposition.

However 12 people have ended up dead.

Whatever the facts, it is a tragedy for all sides. If Israel truly intended to harm no one, it is a tragic failure.

Let us hope that this incident raises serious questions and debate and not a surge in violence by those from any side with vested interested in fanning the flames of conflict in this highly charged region.