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Editorial: Top-ups to pensions are an insult


Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Taoiseach Enda Kenny

For the past seven years the workers of this country found large amounts of hard-earned money taken from them through taxes and charges.

Those not fortunate enough to have a job left the country in search of work as they felt the prospect of life on the dole was not an affordable or rewarding way to live.

Families said goodbye to loved ones and workers watched their take home pay plummet knowing they were enduring this because the country was in crisis.

They also know the crash was not their fault.

But many of those who left for new lives in Australia and Canada have yet to return and people still struggle to make ends meet.

So the idea that it is time to reward our retired politicians with pension top-ups is not only insulting to the people who work tirelessly every day but will also serve to tell those who left that nothing has changed at home.


Conor more than all talk

Conor McGregor dedicated his victory in Las Vegas to fans from all around the country who believed in him.

His coaching team believe he has lifted the spirits of the nation and it's easy to believe that sentiment watching the reaction both at home and abroad to his win.

Nothing short of hard work and determination has earned him the belt he proudly displayed on Saturday night.

In the run up to the fight, he talked a lot of big talk - his confidence made headlines around the world.

Yesterday morning, he followed through in spectacular fashion at the MGM Grand.

The Dubliner has done his fans and his team proud and we wish him every and much more success in the future.