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Editorial: Time to axe these mad Dail breaks

It is staggering to think that our representatives in the Dail have taken themselves off for a 12-day holiday for St Patrick's Day. The rest of us who are lucky enough to have a job will get Paddy's Day off, but the Dail has shut up shop until March 23.

These public representatives who get paid fat-cat salaries will not sit for a full day next week to debate the X-ray scandal at Tallaght Hospital.

Meanwhile, our Health Minister Mary Harney does not think it is necessary to return from her two-week junket to New Zealand, despite the public concerns over how X-rays were not reviewed by radiologists.

And let us not forget the teenager left in an internet cafe overnight because of a lack of accommodation.

It's time for these nonsensical Dail breaks to be axed.