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Editorial: The one call that could oust Callely

THE pressure continues to pile on Fianna Fail Senator Ivor Callely in the ongoing expenses controversy. His weekend statement regarding his mobile phone expenses raised more questions than it answers, Brian Cowen has said.

The Seanad Members Interests Committee was meeting today to decide how to proceed with a complaint made about Mr Callely by Green Party TD Paul Gogarty.

The Committee has already suspended him over claiming €81,000 of travel expenses from his holiday home in west Cork.

However much the Taoiseach expresses his disquiet, there is no way he can be legally forced to resign from the Seanad.

Mr Callely has ignored calls to "consider his position" but a call from the man who appointed him to the Seanad would be different.

If former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was to publicly demand Mr Callely's resignation, it could have an immediate devastating impact.